Premium Italian Roasted Coffee - 80/20 Blend - Ground "Hermes"

Premium Italian Roasted Coffee - 80/20 Blend - Ground "Hermes"


EuroConnect, LLC is the FIRST company to provide this high quality specialty Italian Roasted coffee in North America! Epos Caffe', a family owned company in the Catania province of Sicily, since the 1980's, recently expanded their roasting facility to produce a percentage of their capacity for export.  After spreading locally from Catania, to Sicily as a whole, then to mainland Italy, they continually got great feedback and would like to show off their skills here in America.

Currently we are offering the "Hermes" roast, which is available as ground coffee in a blend of 70% arabica and 30% robusta [for when you want that extra caffeine!]. This is a delicious medium roasted gourmet coffee.

Your shipment will contain 2 artisan roasted 8.8 ounce resealable packages of premium coffee!

Why Epos? Epos Caffe was originated because the owner was truly passionate about quality roasted coffee in his hometown.  With decades of experience as a master roaster, Epos Caffe' became the culmination of expertise in sourcing, preparing and delicately roasting coffee from a variety of climates.

Powerful character that does not know acidity. Bronze cream. Malt aromas with marked unsweetened cocoa notes. The succulent roundness highlights toasted bread and jams with a spicy aftertaste.

The careful selection of raw coffee beans, the roasting for individual types, the meticulous preparation of the blends, the grind and finally the choice of the best packaging, give our coffee an unmistakable and consistent aroma. Our blends are composed of washed coffee with certification. This allows us to guarantee an excellent quality product, always distinguished by a truly unique taste and aroma.

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