"Diodoros" Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml [TWO BOTTLES]

"Diodoros" Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml [TWO BOTTLES]

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What is unique about Diodoros extra virgin olive oil? Although we will offer other premium and high quality extra virgin olive oil, this brand is of historic significance.  Our partner in Sicily, Val Paradiso, has been given exclusive rights to access the olive trees in the Valley of The Temples, of Agrigento.  They are able to harvest and mill the olives from these ancient trees, some of which are nearly 900 years old! Yes, you read that correctly, these trees have been been producing fruit for 9 centuries, along the God-like creations of the Temple of Concordia, Temple of Heracles, Temple of Olympian Zeus and Temple of Castor.  Not only are you getting a PREMIUM olive oil, but you are a part of history in every taste!

These extra virgin olive oils [EVOO] are world class! Grown in the province of Agrigento, Sicily, all of the olives are cold pressed within 24 hours of picking and the taste can be attributed to this.  A family of brothers runs these farms, and take great pride in their product.  Most commonly, the Nocarella olive is grown, however there are a few varieties. [like wine, there are different variations, which grow better and more robustly in different parts of the island]

What separates this extra virgin olive oil from stuff in the stores?  Well, that is a great question! Although there are some lovely extra virgin olive oils available, many of the 'chain' stores use conglomerates to source their olives and oil.  Many times these "extra virgin" products are quite inexpensive and lack true flavor that the Italians have been used to for generations.  If you look closely, often you'll see "Product of Italy, Greece, Spain, Tunisia".  This means these were not picked from one farm, or a series of small farms within a few miles of each other, rather, they are sourced from different countries and pooled together!  This process greatly affects the taste, aroma and health benefits of the olive oil.

What does "cold press" mean? This means, that although adding heat to a batch of olives will increase the amount of liquid [oil] they can extract, by doing so detracts from the flavors and aroma.  So, this cold press isn't actually in a refrigerator, but around 81 degrees Fahrenheit. When a company is looking for quality over quantity [like our partners]they will never heat the olive fruit to extract more oil.  All of our extra virgin olive oil is just that - extra virgin and cold pressed.

Why is there a peppery aftertaste, do you add pepper? Great question, and the answer is No! Although you may notice a pepper flavor in the back of the throat and think that it was an additive, in fact, with our Premium EVOO, this is naturally occurring! That pepper like taste is actually showing off that the olive oil is laden with anti-oxidants! These anti-oxidants prevent "free radicals" and have been linked to lowering LDL type cholesterol, lowering risk of heart disease, protecting cell damage done to your DNA, helping regulate diabetes, and more! When you find some of the chain stores selling "extra virgin" olive oil, most times you'll just find a buttery aftertaste, and sometimes with a slight pepper burn, but theirs is often pungent.  Our premium EVOO is never mixed with different farms from different countries and is a TRUE product of Italy or Sicily and run by people who are about the quality and not the quantity.  This is their livelihood, they know the discerning taste of fellow Italians, and no shortcuts are ever taken. 

If you'd like to taste the difference, and experience PREMIUM extra virgin olive oil, try ours today! 


The Diodoros brand is a tribute to Diodorus Siculus, historian of Greek Agyrion (today Agira-Sicilia) and author of a universal history, the Bibliotheca Historica, which says of the territory of Akragas:

At that time, the city and the territory of Akragas lived in a condition of great well-being…There were vineyards of exceptional size and beauty, and most of the land was covered with olive trees, whose abundant production was destined for the Carthaginian trade…

Diodoro Siculo Biblioteca Historica, XIII, 81,4

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